Approaching the Lighting used in Ted 2

In the film Ted 2 we can see many uses of lighting for the plethora of dynamic scenes.  I think it is very important to point out the importance of lighting in a movie in which the subject of the film (Ted) is added in later.  Due to this the lighting on the animation has to match the lighting from the original shot in order to make it more realistic as though Ted were there the whole time.

Elements of High-Key Lighting can be seen in many of different scenes from Ted 2.  As it is set in “real-time” Boston, we can see high-key being used to offset the natural light that is produced when recording outside during times of low-light.  Another example can be viewed in the clip below.  In this case, the high-key lighting is used to represent the importance of the court scenes and meetings with his lawyer.  This makes everyone in the room visible to demonstrate the typical lighting in an office environment.

There are some scenes that fall somewhere in between high-key lighting and Low-Key Lighting.  An example of this would be when Ted and Johnny are trying to obtain seamen from the famous Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots.  In the beginning of the scene the lighting appears to be high-key, but when they transition to the actual feat of stealing Tom Brady’s seamen, we can also see the transition to low-key lighting.  This helps to represent the reality that they are doing something wrong and then when they lift the covers, their faces light up brightly to represent the importance of what they are looking at.

The benefit to Ted 2 having a multitude of lighting styles is that it will require different lighting for different shots.  This is important because it represents the realistic world that Ted lives in.  If this movie were shot in all one type of lighting, the viewer would be less likely to believe that it takes place in the real world.  Days go by and we see film shots during the day and during the night.  A combination of lighting choices for this genre of film is necessary because if it were all dark it would seem as though it were more of a horror or mysterious type of film.


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